Advanced Diploma Course In Jewellery Designing

Course Name : Advanced Diploma Course in Jewellery Designing Duration : 12 Months

Diploma Course in Jewellery Designing course is recommended for anyone who is into the family business of jewellery and wants to sharpen his/her skills or an individual who is interested in joining the business of jewellery, an industry that is seeing a rapid growth in India as well as in the international market. The course offers a launch pad for creative minds to learn new skills and techniques in the highly exciting and creative field of jewellery making.

Diploma Course in Jewellery Designing Contents

CorelDRAW (3 Months)


Introduction What is Design of Jewellery
App Intro What is the role of CorelDraw in Jewellery Designing
Design Concept Concept of Colours / Design
Drawing Tools Outline / Curve : Drawing tools and utilities
Modification Outline / Curve : Editing Tools and Shape tool
Productive Tools Productive Tools : Copy methods / Alignment / Join/break methods / Power Clip / Shaping / Symbols
Fill objects Uniform / Fountain / Texture / Pattern / Postscript / Mesh
Text Creating and Editing – Artistic / Paragraph
Effects Blend / Contour / Drop Shadow / Distort / Envelope / Extrude / Transparency / Lens / Bevel / Artistic Media
Bitmap Working with imported Raster images in CorelDraw
Output Exporting and Printing Features


Adobe Photoshop (2 Months)

Interface Concept of Raster and what is role of Adobe photoshop in Raster Designing / Color / File Formats / Viewing and Navigation / Rulers and Guides
Layout Canvas / Image : Size and Resolution – Using and modification
Selection Methods of selection / Selection Tools / Selection Menu / Path Selection
Layer Using Layers / Layer Properties / Layer blending
Brush Effects / Using / Saving / Customizing
Creation Vector / Raster Creation – Imaginary
Edition Cut a part of an Image / Merge two Image parts / Working with Image Editing
Text Character / Paragraph – Creating and Editing
Fill Colour / Content Aware / Pattern History / Gradient / Paint bucket
Effect Healing / Blur / Stamp / History / Dodge
Image Adjustment / Filter / Mode
File Handling Save / Save as / Export / Import
Projects Creating Textures for Tiles / Floors / Walls / Curtains / Glasses
Tips & Tricks

Adobe Illustrator (2 Months)


Introduction creating a new document / page tool
Selections selection tools / direct selection / group selection / selection lassos / magic wand selection
The pen tools pen introduction / convert anchor point / additional and sub anchors / cut and joining anchors
Layers and grouping layer introduction / organizing layers / selecting layers / grouping layers / duplicating layers / sub-layers
The stroke stroke basics / caps and joining / dashed line
Type type tool / area type tool / path type / vertical type tool / wrap text / creating outlines / character palette / formatting paragraphs / type transformation
Shape objects rectangle tool / ellipse tool / polygon tool / star tool / flare tool
Transformations scale tool / rotation tool / reflect tool / twist tool / sheer tool / reshape tool / re-positioning art
Aligning and distributing object alignment / snap / snap tracking
Compound path and clipping mask clipping masks / clipping paths
Applying color color introduction / color palette / swatches palette
The pencil tools basic pencil tool / smooth tool / eraser tool
The brush tool paintbrush introduction / calligraphic brush / art brush / pattern brush / loading and saving brushes
Gradients gradients introduction / editing gradients / gradient libraries
Transparency and masking object opacity / transparency clipping
Enveloping and meshes envelope introduction / using the warp / using the mesh / text distortions / envelope options
Smart guides and rulers rulers introduction / creating guides / smart guides / extruding text / smart guide options / grids / measure and info tools
Scissor and knife the scissor tool / the knife tool
Pathfinder pathfinder shape modes / using pathfinders
Liquefy liquefy tools / more lignifications
Appearance and styles styles introduction / multiple strokes and fills / converting effect to shape / group appearance /distort and transform / pathfinder effects / rasterizing / document rasterization / stylize effects / pixel effects / warp effects / moving and linking styles / sticky styles / reducing and clearing styles / making and saving styles / over-riding character color
Filters filter introduction / creating trim marks / pen and ink / more lignifications
The blend tool blending introduction / blending multiple objects
Charts and graphs creating graphs / changing the graph type / coloring graphs / styling type / column designs / value divisions / design markers / other line graphs
Rgb and screen graphics rgb introduction / snap to pixel / moving snap pixel / saving for the web / viewing for the web / web prep overview / sizing images / saving as jpeg / matting a jpeg / saving as gif / making a lossy gif / gradients and gif / saving as swf / swf problems / saving as svg / svg effects
Slicing for the web creating slices / slice options / optimizing slices
Image maps creating image maps / saving and previewing
Symbols and symbol symbol introduction / creating custom symbols / building blocks / symbol sprayer / symbol shifter tool / symbol scruncher / symbol sizer / symbol spinner / symbol stainer / symbol screener / symbol styler / saving default symbols
Image and photoshop integration placing images / linking / photoshop layers / type for photoshop / photoshop shapes
Variables palette making variables / styling variables / automating printing / graph variables / changing data / saving and loading data / linked images / deleting a data set
Auto trace feature auto trace auto trace preferences
Customizing the keyboard creating your own shortcuts


Rhinoceros (5 Months)

Introduction Concept of 3D Designing in Jewellery
App Intro What is the role of Rhinoceros in Jewellery Designing.
Curve Drawing and Editing – Tools and Utilities
Dimensioning Co-Ordinate methods / Geometrics
Text Creating / Editing / Extruding
3D Concept Concept of View and Visual of 3D object
3D modelling Solid / Surface – Creating and Editing Tools and Unities
Modelling Ring / Earring / Pendent / Necklace / Bangles / Bracelet / Cufflinks
Hand Tools Layers / Properties / Display panels / Toolbars / Wizards
Gems / Stone Creating / Shaping / Texturing – Tools, Utilities, Methods, Patterns
Stone settings Prong / Mini Prong / Pave / Bezel / Channel etc.
Render Colouring / Material / Texturing : Apply and Modification
Output Lighting / Rendering / Printing (With and without dimensions)
Practical Ring / Necklace / Bangles / Ear Rings / Cufflinks
Tips and Tricks


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