Unity Game Development Course

Unity Game Development Course

This is the most comprehensive course on Unity 3d. The course helps participants in creating 2D and 3D games within the Unity3D engine. It lays emphasis on and develops a deep understanding about the fundamentals of core modular game asset creation, level design, C# game scripting, developing menus and linking scenes together for game compilation. This course will take you down a guided learning path such that not only will you be able to build games, but you will also learn how to do it the way the professionals do it.

Audience for Unity Game Development Course:

  • Beginners with no coding experience or Unity 3D experience
  • Game developers who want to learn Unity
  • Anyone who wants to learn 2D or 3D game development but doesn’t know where to start from.

Complete Course Contents of Unity Game Development Course :

  • Unity Introduction
  • Course Introduction
  • Design Your Game
    1. Benefits of Games
    2. Game Building Activities
    3. Game Building Models
    4. Game Design Process
    5. How to find ideas for your Next Game
    6. Qualities of A Great Game
    7. The Game Word
    8. How to Prototype Your Game
  • Getting Started
    1. Downloading and Installing Unity
    2. Getting familiar with Unity Interface – Creating a new project
    3. The Inspector Tab
    4. The Transform Component
    5. The Collider Component
    6. The Scene Tab1
    7. The Scene Tab2
    8. The Game Tab
    9. The Project Tab
    10. The Console Tab
    11. Layout Customisation
  • Languages Support
    1. C++ 
    2. Java Script
    3. BOO
  • Why C++ world wide used for Unity
  • Introduction to MonoDevelop
  • Switching Platform
  • 2D Game Development
    1. Sprites Introduction
    2. Sprites – Renderer Setting & Sorting Layers
    3. Sprites -Animation
    4. 2D- Physics
    5. Unity UI
    1. UI Introduction
    2. Images
    3. Adding Text
    4. Panels & Masks
    5. Buttons
    6. Toggles
    7. Sliders
    8. Input Fields
    9. Scroll Bars
    10. Canvas
    11. Vertical Layout Group
    12. Grid Layout Group
  • Building Your First 2D Game (Colour Crush)
  • Introduction Unity 3D
  • Unity 3D GameObjects (All)
  • 3D Physics
  • Camera Setting
  • Lighting Setting
  • Building Your First 3D Game (Infinite Runner)
  • Introduction to AR
  • Introduction to Vuforia
  • Small project to understand AR(Augumented Reality)