AJAX Training in Jaipur

AJAX Training in Jaipur
Samyak Classes, Jaipur provides real-time and placement focused ajax training in Jaipur . Our ajax framework course includes basic to advanced level and our ajax course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in Jaipur as quickly as once you complete the ajax certification training course. Our ajax trainers are ajax framework certified experts and 9 years experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Ajax projects knowledge. We have designed our ajax course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone’s career goal.
Samyak Classes, Jaipur offers ajax training with choice of multiple training locations across Jaipur. Our ajax framework training centers are equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide ajax framework certification training path for our students in Jaipur. Through our associated ajax training centers, we have trained more than 130 ajax students and provided 62 percent placement. Our ajax framework course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student’s training requirements. ajax training in Jaipur conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

AJAX Training in Jaipur – Course Contents

Ajax Basics

      • The Purpose of Ajax
      • Traditional Web Application
      • An Ajax Web Application
      • The XMLHttpRequest Object
      • Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object
      • Using an XMLHttpRequest Object
      • Handling the Response

      Ajax Frameworks

          • The Purpose of Frameworks
          • Choosing a Framework
          • Dojo
          • Downloading Dojo
          • Using Dojo for Ajax
          • Prototype
          • Downloading Prototype
          • Using Prototype for Ajax
          • Other Popular Frameworks
          • Direct Web Remoting (DWR)
          • AjaxAnywhere
          • Simple Ajax (SAJAX)
          • Sarissa
          • Other Frameworks

          The HTML Document Object Model

              • Accessing Nodes
              • Accessing Element Nodes
              • Accessing Attribute Nodes
              • getAttribute
              • attributes
              • Accessing Nodes by Type, Name or Value
              • Accessing Nodes by Class Name
              • Removing Nodes from the DOM
              • DOM Differences The Whitespace Problem
              • Creating New Nodes

              XML and Ajax

                  • Creating a DOM Document with JavaScript
                  • Accessing, Creating and Modifying XML Nodes
                  • Creating an AddChild() Function
                  • Receiving XML Responses
                  • Passing XML to the Server

                  Ajax Applications

                      • Login Form
                      • Quick Lookup Form
                      • Preloaded Data
                      • Ajax Slideshow
                      • Navigable Tables

                      OO JavaScript and Refactoring Ajax

                          • Illustrating the Problem
                          • Object-Oriented JavaScript
                          • JavaScript Classes
                          • Prototypes
                          • Extending Built-in Objects
                          • Refactoring the Ajax Request Code

                          JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

                              • Object Literals
                              • Arrays
                              • Objects
                              • Arrays in Objects
                              • Objects in Arrays
                              • JSON
                              • JSON Syntax
                              • JSON Parsers
                              • JSON Advantages and Disadvantages

                              XSLT Transformations with JavaScript

                                  • XSLT
                                  • Basic XSLT
                                  • XSLT in the Browser
                                  • XSLT in Internet Explorer
                                  • XSLT in Mozilla
                                  • Sarissa
                                  • XSLT in Ajax Applications
                                  • Advantages and Disadvantages of XSLT in Ajax Applications

                                  Drag and Drop

                                      • Drag and Drop Basics
                                      • script.aculo.us
                                      • Draggables
                                      • Droppables
                                      • A More Interesting Example

                                      More Ajax Applications

                                          • Inline Editing
                                          • Detailed Information on Demand
                                          • Autologout
                                          • Autocompletion

                                          XSLT Basics

                                              • eXtensible Stylesheet Language
                                              • An XSLT Stylesheet
                                              • xsltemplate
                                              • xslvalue-of
                                              • Whitespace and xsltext
                                              • Output Types
                                              • Text
                                              • XML
                                              • HTML
                                              • XSLT Elements and Attributes
                                              • xslelement
                                              • xslattribute
                                              • Attributes and Curly Brackets


                                                  • XPath in XSLT
                                                  • XPath Expression
                                                  • XPath Terminology
                                                  • Context Node
                                                  • Current Node
                                                  • Context Size
                                                  • Proximity Position
                                                  • Location Paths
                                                  • Axis
                                                  • Node Test
                                                  • Predicate
                                                  • Accessing Nodes
                                                  • Abbreviated Syntax
                                                  • XPath Functions
                                                  • XPath Operators

                                                  Flow Control in XSLT

                                                      • Looping in XSLT
                                                      • Sorting with XSLT
                                                      • Looping and Sorting
                                                      • Conditions with XSLT

                                                      XSLT Templates, Parameters and Variables

                                                          • xslapply-templates
                                                          • xslcall-template
                                                          • Passing Parameters
                                                          • Removing Content
                                                          • Template Modes
                                                          • Template Priority
                                                          • Default Priorities
                                                          • Assigning Priorities
                                                          • XSLT Variables


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                                                          International Certifications with Live Projects

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                                                          • Course modules are prepared by Experts from software development companies.
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