Soft Skills Training in Jaipur

Soft Skills Training in Jaipur

Soft Skills Training in Jaipur

According to a recent article in The Economic Times, out of three lakh MBA graduates every year, only 10 per cent are employable. The situation is same for all graduates and post graduates. Problem is same and solution is only one, to possess Soft Skills Training in Jaipur.

Doesn’t sound true, does it? Unfortunately it is! And the reason is simple, they don’t possess Soft Skills Training in Jaipur.

A recent report by Business World estimates the number of students graduating each year to be around 50 lakh of which only 25 per cent of which are deemed to be employable.

This means that despite having job opportunities, there are several graduates who aren’t fit to be hired in the companies.

An obvious question here is — Why aren’t these graduates employable?

Do they not have the required technical or domain knowledge? Nope, its Soft Skils that lack and has kept them unemployed.

Which brings us to the crux of the matter — What are soft skills?

Soft skills refer to the cluster of personal traits or qualities such as communication, personal habits, empathy, presentation skills etc which define how we interact with others.

Often, these qualities are intangible and are acquired through years of concentrated effort.

In a typical corporate example, while technical skills are required to receive an interview call, soft skills help convert the call into a job offer and also for further career growth.

Technical skills are job specific where as soft skills are applicable across roles, domains and careers.

To be precise, soft skills can also be called ‘people skills’ — the personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interaction, job performance and career prospects.

Some examples for the same could be:

• Communication skills
• Anger management
• Team skills
• E-mail etiquette
• Negotiation skills
• Behavioral traits such as time management, stress management etc.

Soft Skills Training in Jaipur

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